Hello all!


Well, after quite a wet and windy winter it appears that Spring is just around the corner as there is more light now in the days and a sense of just a little bit more heat! Given the very mild winter we had here in Ireland the spring bulbs are way ahead of their usual time and are already in bloom in many parts, Ours are still not in bloom given that we are a little above sea level, 230 metres in fact, here in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, just 3km from the famous Glendalough Monastic Site.


The views here in Mountain View Lodge today are wonderful and the mountains and hills around us are gradually becoming yellower with the very early bloom of the gorse. This is the very prickly shrub abundant in these parts, very green with wonderful yellow flowers and a deep, rich smell of coconut, especially when the sun heats it up! (the shrub is also known as May bush or furze). A picture tells a thousand words so I have attached photos of some of the gorse in early bloom here, we have a nice walk of around 1000m around our land for our guests to enjoy where you can experience at first hand the sweet smell of gorse.


The birds are also busy now and feeding happily on the nuts and seeds we have put out for them!


We look forward to welcoming you here to our Bed and Breakfast and Self-Catering accommodation during 2017!


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